Deco Rail 40 kg

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Deco Rail 40 kg

Deco Rail 40 kg

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Deco Rail – picture hanging system behind the cornice

Artiteq Deco Rail

Flexible options for smooth walls with Deco Rail

The Deco Rail is a hanging rail  (9.4 mm x 34.5 mm) for pictures and wall decorations that is mounted behind a cornice. The hanging system becomes invisible as a result, while still offering all the advantages of a flexible hanging system. Walls with a clean, smooth finish remain undamaged, even though it is still possible to hang and move paintings continually. Hanging wires may be clicked into the rail behind the cornice at any desired location. This is the major benefit of the Deco Rail; flexibility and a guarantee for a high-quality finish.

Artiteq Deco Rail

Cornice rails for any interior

There are many different styles of cornice rails, and this hanging rail can be installed  behind every type. The Deco Rail is available in combination with a selection of three different types of cornices:  Basic, Modern and Classic.